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The Healthcare Simulation Middle East Podcast

The podcast aims to foster collaboration and innovation in healthcare simulation, ultimately improving the region's patient safety and healthcare outcomes.

The Healthcare Simulation Middle East Podcast provides insights, updates, and discussions on healthcare simulation.

Listeners can expect to hear discussions on simulation-based education, research, technology, and best practices in healthcare simulation. The podcast also provides healthcare professionals, sim ops specialists, educators, and researchers a platform to share experiences, insights, and knowledge with the broader community.

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Express Learning Series

Bloom's Taxonomy in Healthcare Simulation

What does the learner journey look like?


Share it with simulation assistants and newbie healthcare simulation educators.

03:15 mins

Vendor Spotlight

Ole Olsen I Founder CEO I SkillUp VR

SkillUp VR is a virtual healthcare simulation center for critical thinking, clinical diagnosis, and collaborative team training.


Episode coming soon

Ole Olsen reveals the new VR solution in healthcare simulation.

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